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Pools Process

From stunning geometric pools with clean lines to freeform pools that embrace natural beauty, we bring your vision to life with exceptional craftsmanship and design expertise.


Discover the Perfect Pool for Your Style and Lifestyle

Geometric Pools

Geometric pools are known for the clean, crisp lines.  Rectangular or square shapes are the common theme in geometric pools.  Other names for geometric pools might be contemporary pools, Roman pools, or Grecian pools, but those pools tend to also incorporate half circles and arcs in their design.

Geometric pools are ideal for swimming laps, water volleyball and compliment many homes’ architecture. Geometric pools are characterized as having a specific shape such as a rectangle, oval, or square with straight edges and sharp lines. Geometric pools offer a more formal and contemporary feel.

Freeform Pools

Freeform pools are free flowing, with irregular shapes and designs of the water edge. Contemporary freeform pools will often have interesting landscape features such as rock and waterfalls that incorporate natural characteristics of the local region.

The freeform pool shape can incorporate dramatic curves for a modern look or maximize available swimming space with a more relaxed wavy design. If you’re looking for a more fun, informal, natural-looking pool shape, the freeform pool design is your best choice.


Seamless Pool Construction Tailored to Your Vision

Our experienced team ensures a hassle-free construction process from start to finish. Contact us for a free quote, providing a rough idea of your budget to enable us to provide an accurate estimate. With a projected timeline of 12-15 weeks, we deliver exceptional results, turning your pool dreams into reality.

Initial meeting between client and trained design consultant. Overall pool and landscape design is determined and finalized. A technician will then take a detailed survey of the proposed area to include home and lot dimensions, positioning, building setbacks, location of utilities, and accessibility to the construction site. Within a few days, our design consultant will have a fully prepared plan and proposed construction cost. Initial deposit is due upon signing the contract and plan approval. Select, coping, and water features.
Permits acquired for pool construction and decking and engineering plans developed per customer design. All plans must comply with local and state building codes. The utility company will be contacted to locate all existing utility lines before beginning construction. We will call for all applicable inspections, including footer, plumbing, and electrical bonding.

As soon as permits are obtained, our construction team will review construction stages and pool building process. Next, the form boards are set with great care to ensure the pool is in the exact location required for the excavation team.

The excavation team will utilize heavy equipment and dig the pool according to the engineering plans. Decorative rock will be pushed aside to gain access to the dig area. New Wave Pools will not be responsible for any damage to decorative rock, landscaping or irrigation from the front of your home to the dig site.

If a “Hard Dig” is required (excavating hard soil or rocks), additional time and equipment will be required and additional surcharges will occur. The surcharge will depend on the size of your pool, depth of the hardened soil and. We do everything we can to avoid any excavation surcharges.

Structural Steel is the steel reinforcement structure for the shell of your pool to give it added strength per the engineering plans. It consists of a series of bars placed horizontally and vertically specifically engineered for the pool design requirements.

The plumbing for each pool is designed specifically to give it the best circulation and filtration for crystal clear water and ease of maintenance. Hydraulic calculations are performed to ensure that all equipment and piping are of the correct size to combine water clarity and energy conservation. A licensed plumber will plumb in all of the filtration equipment for the pool, including water feature pumps and other optional equipment.

Our electrician team will trench and install electrical conduit/wire from the house main electrical box to the equipment and all other locations specified on the plan. If utilizing a gas heater or BBQ, gas lines will be run from the main gas meter in the front of the house to the designated equipment.

Upon completion of the Electrical and Gas stage we are required to have a city inspection before we can proceed.

The pool floor consists of concrete with a compressive strength of 4000 psi. The walls of the pool consist of a mixture of sand and cement (gunite) that is applied through a hose with highly pressurized air to achieve a compressive strength of 4000 psi. 

After the completion of the shotcrete phase, tile and water features such as waterfalls, water sheer, rain descent, deck jets, laminars, etc., are installed, if designed in the approval process. 

The two most popular decking options are concrete or pavers. Concrete can be coated with a texture such as Cool Deck, stamped, acid wash or many other options. Concrete decking will be poured and then the finish applied. Pavers come in brick pavers, concrete pavers and tumbled travertine.

Outdoor kitchen/BBQ, fireplaces, sitting areas, ramadas, pergolas, etc. are then installed.

Different finishes render different effects and moods on the pool water and therefore the overall appearance of the backyard area.The most popular finish is Pebbletech which is a finish that is shot out of a high pressure hose and comes in a variety of colors. After applying the finish it requires 24 hours to cure before we come back and perform an acid wash. Once we complete the acid wash will start to fill the pool up with water.

An experienced plumber will come to the site and plumb in all of the filtration equipment for the pool, including water feature pumps and other optional equipment from? 

Prior to applying the pool surface a final city inspection must be performed. The home owner will be required to be home for this inspection as the inspector will need access to the home.
At this point, the project is nearing completion. Extraneous construction materials and waste from the construction site will be removed and prepare the pool interior to be finished.

The start-up technician will visit your home and is responsible for testing the swimming pool and/spa to ensure that it is functioning properly. The start-up tech starts the circulating pump and sets the timer, installs eyeball fittings in the return and jets, if necessary, and will thoroughly clean the pool and the tile deck and then begin balancing the water and chlorine start-up. Chlorine is added over a period of a few days to ensure that the proper amount is added…Pool cover installation…

The landscaping design is the final step of your entire process and can take up to seven days, again, depending on the chosen layout style.

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